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  Work Ethos & Careers @  EROS GROUP    

At EROS Group, we believe that the success of the organisation depends entirely on the quality of its people, as they are the differentiating factor in today's highly competitive global business environment.

We also believe that it is the contribution of each and every employee in the organisation that helps it achieve goals and create long term value. Which is why we, at EROS Group, are focussed on being the most sought after employer in the industry that attracts the best talent, nurtures it by providing the best work environment by encouraging innovation and creativity and retains it by providing some of the best work-life balance in the corporate world.

At EROS Group, we are proactive about adopting new Quality principles to improve work practices and people capabilities across the organisation. It is our vision to be a role model for people management. We believe in equipping our employees with tools which will exploit their true potential, make them knowledgeable, and inspire them to become fine human beings. This in turn, we believe, will help our employees take on and accomplish extraordinary future challenges.

EROS Group's People Values:    
  To trust and to be trustworthy      
  Show respect and care for each individual      
  Foster creativity and innovation      
  Live by high standards of ethics and integrity      
  Avoid all discrimination      
  Contribute to the benefit of society      
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