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  At Escalade, a point to note is campus Spa, which at 20000 square feet, will be one of Indiaís largest. And arguably one of the finest. The Spa will have a swimming pool, gym, steam sauna and Jacuzzi, and a fine compliment of massage services. A roof top restaurant will bring to life, the fine art of spa cuisine.

Escalade is in the immediate vicinity of a 4700 acre bird sanctuary.

Just as Champagne is a 90 square mile area to the north east of Paris, Escalade is a limited edition of luxury villas in Lakewood City, Surajkund. What makes Champagne the King of wines and the wine of kings is its location on the Planet. The gentle slopes. Just the right incline. Just the right temperature.

You could say the same about Escalade. Escalade is in the immediate vicinity of Suraj Kund Heritage Village. 2 minutes away from Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range. (And just a 15 minute transfer from GK, Friends Colony and Nehru Place.) Letís begin the journey.

Beyond adjectives. Beyond hyperbole. Beyond silly stock-pictures. This is the real thing. Admittedly not for everyone, Escalade is a seriously niche address, for those who donít need to declare that they have arrived.

In Escalade, you'll have everything, except people peering down from apartment complexes.

Thatís because Escalade will bring to life, our vision of creating a completely insulated private world, with its own private 20,000 square feet spa (and when we say private, we mean private), with a skyline thatís completely free of apartments.

So you not only get a piece of the earth, you also get a piece of the sky. And while we will in the pages to come by, try to explain the product offering, what will really set Escalade apart is its spirit and soul. Since one canít compare Escalade with anything else, because no existing benchmark comes even close, we can only draw parallels with the finer things of life, things that make life and our journey through this planet, so unique, and so enriching.
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